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Missouri residents:  800-422-FAIR (3247) Out of State: 660-530-5600

  • Switchboard: 660-530-5600
  • Business Office: 660-530-5605
  • Marketing and Publicity Office: 660-530-5609
  • Concessions and Commercial Exhibits: 660-530-5604
  • Off-Season Events: 660-530-5604
  • Competitive Entry Department: 660-530-5615
  • General Fax: 660-827-8160
  • Business Office Fax (Contest Entry Forms): 660-827-8169
  • Marketing and Publicity Office Fax:  660-530-5662


Missouri State Fair
2503 W. 16th Street
Sedalia, MO 65301




Receive text message updates on weather and other public safety concerns

The Missouri State Fair offers a voluntary email and SMS/text messaging service through GovDelivery. This service is made available to help keep fairgoers informed about public safety, such as possible updates of inclement weather, that could arise during the Missouri State Fair, Aug. 11-21.  Messages are for informational purposes only and do not replace other warnings or directives in an emergency situation. There is no fee for this service, but individual cell phone text service charges do apply.

Two ways to sign up:

  1. Visit and sign up for the email and/or SMS/text messaging options.


  1. Smart phone users can scan the QR code below to sign up. Choose email and/or SMS/text messaging options.

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Missouri State Fair Director, Mark Wolfe
  • Director: Mark Wolfe
  • Director’s Office: Nancy Bouse
  • Maintenance Supervisor: Dennis Brown
  • Business Office: JoAnn Cooper
  • Events / Concessions Department: Vickie Embree
  • Painter: Wayne Fizer
  • Concessions & Commercial Exhibits/Off Season Events Manager: Courtney Fry
  • Marketing Department: Brittny Goran
  • Fiscal Officer: Jennifer Grabau
  • Maintenance: John Bob Hughes
  • Maintenance: Ryan Keele
  • Maintenance: William Hardin
  • Marketing Director: Kari Mergen
  • Marketing Department: Melba Merrick
  • Building Manager: Jason Moore
  • Plumber: Steve Morris
  • Electrician: Steve Ozburn
  • Carpenter:  Jeff Ransdell
  • Landscaper: Monica Shirky
  • Security Supervisor: Jimmie Smith
  • Maintenance:  Jaret Snapp
  • Competitive Entry Supervisor: Edna Vollmer
  • Maintenance: Jim Wulff