MC Power Up


Technology is advancing and so is the Missouri State Fair! Three car charging stations and two solar powered cell phone charging stations will be ready for use just in time for the 2017 Missouri State Fair. These new amenities are provided courtesy of MC Power Companies.

Don’t let a low battery keep you from engaging in the fun at the Fair. Bring your cell phone charger and connect it to the USB port available at the charging stations. One cell phone charging station is located outside of the Mathewson Exhibition Center’s main entrance (pictured below) and another in the Kids Zone.

MC Power cell phone charging station

Two car charging stations (pictured below) can be found east of the Agriculture Building and east of the Mathewson Exhibition Center.

MC Power car charging station

This is MC Power Companies’ first year as a sponsor at the Fair, but they are already making a positive impact on our grounds. Come see for yourself on the Missouri State Fairgrounds!