Missouri State Fair Recognized for Excellence


During the recent International Association of Fairs and Expositions (IAFE) Convention, the Missouri State Fair was recognized for excellence in agriculture education, sponsorship, competitive exhibits and communications. The MSF was judged alongside other IAFE fair members of similar size, ranging in attendance from 250,000 to 500,000.

Hall of Honor Communications Awards, sponsored by K&K Insurance

1st Place:

Newspaper Ad: Black and White

Magazine Ad

Promotional Advertising: Outdoor/Billboard

2nd Place:

Best Marketing Campaign


Unique Ad Specialties/Souvenirs

Social Media/Mobile Campaign

Competitive Exhibit Awards, sponsored by North American Midway Entertainment

2nd Place:

Use of Theme Throughout Multiple Divisions of Competitive Exhibits

Off Season Non-Animal Contest/Event

3rd Place:

Participatory Contest

Fair Activity to Increase Awareness of Competitive Exhibits

Agriculture Awards, sponsored by ShoWorks

1st Place:

Unique Partnership for an Exhibit/Promotion/Special Event/Competition Showcased During the Fair

Agriculture Programs Video

Any other Agriculture Program/Exhibit

2nd Place:

Innovative Ways Technology is Used to Benefit Agriculture Programs at Your Fair

Agriculture Education Photo

Innovation in Sponsorship Awards, sponsored by, ETIX

3rd Place:

Sponsorship Innovation