Adult Special Contest

Adult Contest, Limbo

Date and Time

Friday, August 11 - Saturday, August 19 | 6:00 pm

All winners will have a chance to win coupons and money in the money madness machine!

Friday, Aug 11 – Biggest and Best Bell Bottom Contests

Compete in four difference categories: Biggest, Most Unique, Best Overall & Kids Best

You could win:

  • Biggest: $25 to Gene’s Boots & Hats
  • Most Unique: $25 to Shabby 2 Chic Boutiques
  • Best Overall: $25 to Gene’s Boots and Hats & $25 to Shabby 3 Chic Boutiques
  • Kids Best: 2 unlimited carnival ride wristband tickets

Saturday, Aug 12 – Husband and Wife Calling Contest

Husband and wives make funny jokes/etc to call each other, best applause wins

Sunday, Aug 13 – Pepsi Pong Contest

Come play pong with us, Pepsi Pong! Contests need to be skilled at tossing 2 ping pong balls into 6 cups of Pepsi across a five foot table. The end result of the game to clear all 6 cups off the table.

Monday, Aug 14 – Wheelbarrow Races

Enter in pairs. One stands and other is the “wheel barrow” they race down, around the cone, and back. Fastest team wins.

Tuesday, Aug 15 – Water Balloon Toss Contest

Pairs throw a water balloon back and forth with every successful toss they move a step back. Last pair with an unbroken water balloon wins.

Wednesday, Aug 16 – Limbo Contest

One by one, each of you will stay on your feet and go underneath the bar without touching it. After everyone has gone under, we will lower the bar one notch. The last person to make it under without touching is the winner.

Thursday, Aug 17 – Finish The Lyric Contest

This game is inspired by our Grandstand concert line up. We will be playing many genres. When the music stops, you are to finish the lyrics. If you can’t finish the lyrics, you are eliminated. Last one standing wins.

Friday, Aug 18 – Corn Hole Contest

Playing in doubles. Two pairs per one board. Traditional bags/cornhole rules and scoring. Two players at one board will alternate throwing all four of their bags. The footboard players will take score. We will be playing with cancellation scoring. Bag In-The-Count bag which comes to rest anywhere on top of the board. Each is worth one (1) point. Bag In-The-Hole which is thrown through the hole or knocked through the hole by another bag. Each is worth three (3) points. First team to 10 wins. Bracket scoring for everyone involved.

Saturday, Aug 19 – Farmer Relay

The ultimate farming test. The farmer will start by rolling a tire to this cone. The farmer will drop the tire, and “get on” the stick horse. They will then barrel race around the three cones to the chicken coop. Just like in barrel racing, if you knock over “the barrel” 10 seconds will be added to your final time. Carry the “egg” on the spoon from the coop to the finish line. If you drop the egg, you go back. Fastest farmer wins.