Kids Special Contest

Kids Contest

Date and Time

Thursday, August 10 - Sunday, August 20 | 2:00 pm


Kids Stage

Thursday, Aug 10 – Mizzou Tiger Roar Contest

Kids roar like a tiger in honor of Mizzou day, best applause wins

Friday, Aug 11 – Fill the Bucket Contest

Sponges sit in big water buckets, kids get sponge out of big bucket, run down and squeeze the sponge in the smaller buckets. Kid passes off sponge to teammate to dip into the big bucket for the process to then repeat. 4 teams, whoever gets the most water in a small bucket wins.

Saturday, Aug 12 – Hot Potato Happy Meal Contest

Pass around a happy meal box till the music or hot potato song stops

Sunday, Aug 13 – Soldier Says Contest

Simon says rules, but “Solider Says”

Monday, Aug 14 – Duck Throw Contest

Place all kids behind a line for them to throw their numbered duck. Kid who throws duck closest to hula hoop wins.

Tuesday, Aug 15 – Can Stacking Contest

Teams of kids try to stack as many cans as they can in a certain amount of time. Kid to stack the most cans wins.

Wednesday, Aug 16 – Limbo Contest

One by one, each of you will stay on your feet and go underneath the bar without touching it. After everyone has gone under, we will lower the bar one notch. The last person to make it under without touching is the winner.

Thursday, Aug 17 – Look-Alike Contest

Mom, dads, siblings, anyone that looks alike. Judges decide who really looks like “twins”

Friday, Aug 18 – Electric Current Game

Kids stand in a circle and hold hands. Starting with Marenna or Alea, they squeeze the kid to their lefts hand, that kid then squeezes their right hand that is help by another kid. Kids keep squeezing each other’s hands like a current. Whoever’s hand gets squeezed when the music stops is out. Go until one kid left.

Saturday, Aug 19 – Stick Horse Races

Kids will run around 3 trash cans, like barrel racing. Kid who is the fastest, wins. Just like barrels, knock one down = +5 seconds.

Sunday, Aug 20 – Hula Hoop Contest

Kid to hula hoop the longest wins.