ShenaniGuns Comedy Wild West Show


Date and Time

Thursday, August 10 - Sunday, August 20

  • First Performance, 10-20: 1:30 am
  • Second Performance, 10-20: 4:00 pm
  • Third Performance, 10-19: 5:30 pm
  • Fourth Performance, 10-19: 7:30 pm



The Wild West goes whack-o when Sheriff Hoppalong Casually and Deputy Leon Jones strap on big iron and face off against dimwit desperadoes Bad Bob and bumbling baby brother Bubba Bob. Seeing the slapstick antics of “ShenaniGuns” is like watching a Wild West cartoon. This quartet of cut-up cowboys fires off a laugh-a-minute load of funny one-liners, silly sight gags and crack-up cornball comedy. “ShenaniGuns” is family-friendly, sidesplitting Wild West comedy for laughing audiences of all ages.