Forever Simon & Garfunkel

Thursday, Aug 12 - Monday, Aug 16, at the Touchstone Stage
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Aug 12-16, two shows daily

FOREVER SIMON & GARFUNKEL celebrates the best-selling duo in rock’n’roll history. With humor, soaring energy, charm, and laser precise harmony, Forever Simon & Garfunkel leads the audience on a journey through Paul and Art’s teenage roots, their early success as a groovy folk act, their global dominance as hit-makers, and the best of Paul Simon’s solo career. Iconic songs include The Sounds Of Silence, Bridge Over Troubled Water, Mrs. Robinson, I Am A Rock, The Boxer, Homeward Bound, Cecilia, Hazy Shade Of Winter, Feeling Groovy, Me & Julio, Kodachrome, and many more! Award-winning singer-songwriters Sean Altman (Rockapella) & Jack Skuller (Songwriters Hall Of Fame’s Buddy Holly Prize) met on stage in 2010, when they were paired at a variety show to duet Mrs. Robinson. Jack had just celebrated his 14th birthday, and Sean had just celebrated his shiny new AARP card, but the audience found their December-January musical bromance and brotherly harmony to be enchanting and mesmerizing. Treat your audience to the greatest American songs ever penned, performed by master pop craftsmen and entertainers! Check out their infomercial on Youtube here.