Lindley Creek

Saturday, Aug 21 - Sunday, Aug 22, at the Ditzfeld Stage
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Aug 21 & 22, three shows daily

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The release of the wonderful new album Freedom, Love and the Open Road marks a new beginning for the family band Lindley Creek as it represents years of musical evolution. This impressive recording reflects the personal growth of the group, a result of the Greer Family’s desire to create a unique musical style of their own.
The story of Lindley Creek, however, begins over a decade earlier when the Greer Family collectively discovered the bluegrass genre.

Hailing from the Ozark Mountains and the prairie lands of Missouri, Lindley Creek features Kathie Greer on guitar, songwriting and vocals; husband John Greer on bass; daughter Katie Greer on mandolin, songwriting and lead vocals; and son Jase Greer on fiddle, songwriting and harmony vocals.

When their kids were young, Kathie and John Greer were seeking music that they could play around the house that the whole family could share. They loved country music, but it became a bit awkward to be blasting songs about cheating and getting drunk and so on with toddlers wanting to repeat the lyrics all of the time. That simple spark led to all in the Greer Family becoming bluegrass musicians. As the kids grew older, Kathie picked up the guitar she had owned since her college days and finally learned how to play it. John took up the bass, daughter Katie grabbed the mandolin, while brothers Jase and Tate played the fiddle and banjo respectively.
The evidence of this uncommon level of commitment was impressive. The Greer Family brought in a professional performance coach and worked hard to perfect their live act. They sold their house at one point and put their life savings into the purchase of a tour bus, which was their only full-time dwelling for four years. Then, they bought a church back in Missouri because it had a stage for rehearsals, eventually remodeling the building and turning it into a demo song recording studio.
Jase Greer boldly sought out VanCleve for an online fiddle lesson as a teenager, and made the connection with the accomplished music veteran.

A couple of years later, after VanCleve turned Jase’s fiddle technique around, the Greer Family visited Nashville. Jase asked VanCleve for an in-person fiddle lesson while they were in town. “When the lesson was done, Jim came outside to talk with us about our band. We said that we were ready to make music we actually wanted to make, rather than what we felt we were expected to make. Jim said, ‘Man, I would produce an album for you guys.’ The end result is Lindley Creek’s impressive recording: Freedom, Love and the Open Road, which features an excellent selection of songs chosen for the project along with original cuts written by Kathie and Jase Greer. Tight and smooth family harmonies are present on the recording, a phenomenon that only kin can share due to shared accents and intuition. But more than anything else, this album showcases the lead singing talents of Katie Greer.

Find more information about Lindley Creek on their website.