Professor Farquar & Polecat Annie

Friday, Aug 20, at the Ditzfeld Stage
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Aug 20, three shows daily

Head over to the Ditzfeld Stage to see the full line up of Missouri artists, celebrating 200 years of our great state.

Professor Farquar and Polecat Annie are taking their strolling act to the Ditzfeld Stage for one day at the Missouri State Fair! They are real humdingers!

Professor B. T. Farquar sets entertainment back more than a century, to the day of the old-time “medicine show,” dispensing copious amount of laughter, surely the best medicine of all!

Polecat Annie is a child of the wilderness, raised deep in the Ozark Mountains by a family of weasels. Now she roams throughout the countryside with archaic atifacts, telling tales, making unique balloon critters and more.