Important Exhibitor Information – Vesicular Stomatitis


July 31, 2020

A reminder for State Fair exhibitors –

Due to positive cases of Vesicular Stomatitis, the Missouri Department of Agriculture’s Division of Animal Health is asking for your help in stepping up our animal health protocols at the Missouri State Fair. Exhibitors of hooved livestock (including horses, cattle, swine, sheep and goats) that originate from an affected county will need to have a veterinarian inspect their livestock within two days of arrival at the Missouri State Fair to affirm they are free of any signs of the virus.


  1. Identify if your county is affected using the map at Agriculture.Mo.Gov.
  2. Get a Certificate of Veterinary Inspection (health papers) that affirms a veterinarian has inspected your animal within 48 hours of arrival at the Missouri State Fair. The certificate will affirm the inspection through a Vesicular Stomatitis statement, which has been sent to accredited veterinarians.
  3. Present those papers during check-in.

More information about Vesicular Stomatitis can be found on USDA’s website.