New Items for 2023

The Premium Guide, a comprehensive tool for State Fair exhibitors, is live on the Fair’s website.

NOTE: While these NEW items are listed, they do not replace exhibitor’s requirement for reading ALL of the General Rules & Regulation, Animal Health Requirements, and Department Rules & Regulations.

New – Judges’ List Release Date

July 3

New – Superintendents

Fiddling – Cathy Marriott

Draft Horse Show – Jesse Birkenholz and Randy Conklin

Beef Cattle – Jim Spencer Jr.

Livestock – Jim Spencer Jr.

New – Show/Contest

Home Economics

  • Rug Hooking classes added; classes 567, 568, 569, 570
  • Missouri First Lady’s Pie Contest; Youth Division (16 & under) added; class 321


  • Flavored Bacon Contest
  • Dairy Products; Dairy Coffee Creamer Division; classes 57, 58, 59

4H/FFA Horse Show

  • 9:00 am Youth Equine Fine Arts, Public Speaking and Demonstration Contests
  • 12:30 Exhibitors pre-show clinics MFA, Mathewson, Coliseum Arenas
  • 5:00 Exhibitors/families Sponsored Dinner with keynote speaker. Tickets required & only available with horse show registration.

New – Show/Contest Rules

4H/FFA Horse Show

  • All ponies, miniature horses and mules will be measured from the third wither bone while standing square. Pony height is 58” & under. Miniatures are 40” & under. If a pony measures out of a pony class, the pony may move to the horse class of exhibitor’s age group. Exception: If exhibitor has a horse already in this class, they must decide which horse to show.
  • The Missouri 4-H Horse Show Guidelines will be followed for all classes. Additional guidelines and rules will be referenced from the United State Equestrian Federation, American Quarter Horse Association, and American Ranch Horse Association. Show management and show judges reserve the right to interpret and enforce all class rules.
  • Class patterns will be available one month prior to the show in the Missouri State Fair Premium Guide and within the 4- H Horse project area at the Missouri 4-H web site: Patterns will be sourced by the judges from the Missouri 4-H Horse Show Pattern book.
  • Western Horsemanship Blind Challenge for non-novice exhibitors testing memory and riding shills. Registration at the show. 15 participants selected from a random drawing morning of class. Exhibitors execute pattern after studying pattern for 90 seconds. Exhibitors will not view other exhibitor’s pattern work. Rail work following.
  • Class 48 Western Horsemanship Blind Challenge

Draft Horse Show

  • Numerous updates to classes (classes 1- 14 & 52-64 all changed; see premium guide for more information)
  • NEW: Central Regional Classic Cart Finals
  • Added money for premiums

Gypsy Horse Show

  • NEW: Classes 19, 37, 40, 53, 58: All classes are Gypsy Amateur Owner Exhibitor classes following GVHS Rules
  • NEW: Amateur Owner Exhibitor championships


  • New rule: All hams must be pre-entered by July 25 at 5:00 p,m. All hams entered after July 25 a late fee of $10.00 per article will be enforced per entry.

Rabbits – New Classes

  • Britannia Petite- Himalayan, 022
  • Britannia Petite- Tortoise Shell, 027
  • Jersey Wooly- Orange, 085
  • Lionhead- Smoke Pearl, 095
  • Mini Rex- Sable Marten, 119
  • Netherland Dwarf- Agouti Lutino, 128
  • Netherland Dwarf- Orange Lutino, 154


  • All exhibitors, except beef cattle, must bring their own bedding during the 2023 Fair. Livestock exhibitors are also expected to bring their own feed – additional feed and bedding will not be available for purchase during the Fair. Beef cattle exhibitors will be charged $10 per head for bedding to be paid along with entries.
  • 4-H/FFA Beef – Breeding Classes for Heifers & Bulls: Exhibitors must refer to the Open Show and use those class numbers for 4-H, FFA and Open, with the exception that there are no group classes in 4-H/FFA and 4-H does not offer Senior Yearling Bull class (FFA only)