Awards Recognition

The Missouri State Fair celebrated many honors at the 2016 International Association of Fairs and Expositions (IAFE) Convention. The Missouri State Fair was recognized for programs in sponsorship, competitive exhibits, agriculture education, and communications. The Missouri State Fair is judged alongside other IAFE members of similar size, ranging in attendance from 250,000 to 500,000. IAFE memberships total over 1,200 from around the globe.

Missouri State Fair 2016 IAFE Awards:

AGRICULTURAL AWARDS, Sponsored by ShoWorks

AGRICULTURAL SWEEPSTAKES AWARD  – Highest points for agricultural awards entered

First Place Wins

  • Agricultural exhibitor events, awards, participation incentives or retention programs
  • Program/event/exhibit designed to educate consumers/fairgoing public of a current agriculture or Fair industry challenge
  • Agriculture Communications
  • Agriculture programs promotional video
  • Agriculture Individual Photo
  • Agriculture program area beautification

Second Place Wins

  • Competitive agriculture programs: Snapshot/overview of agricultural program participation and trend
  • Non Fair related agriculture event/program which is produced or co-produced by your Fair
  • Any other agriculture program/exhibit

Third Place Wins

  • Technique/procedure/policy developed by Fair management to correct an issue or challenge related to an agricultural program
  • Unique partnership for an exhibit/promotion/special event/competition showcased during the Fair
  • Innovative way(s) technology is used to benefit agriculture program(s) at your Fair

COMPETITIVE EXHIBIT AWARDS, Sponsored by North American Midway Entertainment

 First Place Wins

  • Participatory Contest
  • Unique Contest
  • New or unique contest to attract new competitive exhibitors
  • New or unique strategy to increase number of competitive exhibitors
  • Single photo of a general display

Second Place Wins

  • New or unique single class of competitive exhibits
  • New or unique division of competitive exhibits
  • Use of theme in a single class of competitive exhibits
  • Use of theme throughout divisions of competitive exhibits
  • Competitive exhibit display photo series

Third Place Wins

  • Create it on the spot contest
  • General display photo series


BEST MARKETING CAMPAIGN AWARD for “See What Crops Up” campaign

First Place Wins

  • Newspaper ad – black and white
  • Newspaper ad – color
  • Single brochure/flyer
  • Promotional/advertising poster
  • Miscellaneous marketing/promotional display or piece
  • Promotional advertising – outdoor
  • Overall Mobile Campaign

Second Place Wins

  • Electronic newsletter
  • Unique advertising specialties/merchandise/souvenirs
  • Promotional Event
  • Desktop Website

Third Place Wins

  • Printed promotional material
  • Web advertisement
  • Overall Social Media Campaign
  • Mobile Website


First Place Win

  • Sponsorship continuity

Second Place Win

  • First time sponsorship

The IAFE, based in Springfield, Mo., is a voluntary, nonprofit corporation, serving state, provincial, regional and county agricultural fairs, shows, exhibitions and expositions.  Its associate members include state and provincial associations of fairs, non-agricultural expositions and festivals, associations, corporations, and individuals engage in providing products and services to its members; all of whom are interested in the improvement of fairs, shows, expositions and allied fields.