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Application & Rules

Concession/Vendor applications for the 2024 Missouri State Fair are now available. For more information, please view Vendor Rules.

Questions can be directed to Concession/Vendor Manager Steven Sims via

Vendor Rules

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Vendor & Concessionaire FAQ

Who may apply?

Any individual (18 years or older), organization, association, corporation, partnership, or other entity may apply. Name of the person responsible for the space rental application and the name of the person that will be onsite working the booth must be included on the application.

When may I apply? When does the application process close?

Any time after the application has been made available online you may apply. We will accept applications up until the beginning of the Fair.

Does the date I apply have any significance?

We will begin reviewing applications April 1, but do not fill space on a first-come, first-served basis. Notifications or invitations to participate in the Missouri State Fair may be made anytime from when the application process opens to a week prior to the Fair. Applications are not held from year to year; if interested, you must reapply annually.

Will I receive confirmation of receipt of my application?

Receipt confirmation is not provided unless you submit your application via certified mail through the United States Postal Service. Please do not call or email to inquire as to delivery receipt. Instead please submit via certified mail. Only those applicants invited to attend the Missouri State Fair will be contacted.

Does everyone who applies receive a contract for space?

No, but we appreciate your interest.

How are Vendors/Concessionaires selected?

Prior year exhibitors in good standing are usually given first right of refusal for the following year. Fair management strives to present the most interesting exhibit and concession mix possible with emphasis on agriculture, diversity, high quality and products or services that have the most appeal to persons attending the fair.

Please do not call or email to inquire as to the status of your application. A member of our Concessions Department staff will contact you if you are invited to participate in the Missouri State Fair.

May I choose my space?

No, but you may state on your application the minimum and preferred space desired.

What are approximate space costs?

Indoor booths range from $600-$990 based on booth size and building location. Most booths are 10’x10’. Outdoor space ranges from $67.50-$92.50 per front foot, 10’ minimum. Lots in our Machinery Grounds are $320 per lot for Agriculture related or $580 per lot for Non-Agriculture related booths. Prices are for the full 11-day Fair.

What about other costs?

Vendors/Concessionaires (and any booth workers) are required to pay daily admission. You may choose to park in the free, general admission parking or you may choose to park in limited, designated parking lots. Open or reserved parking spots in the designated parking lots cannot be guaranteed and are filled on a first-come, first-serve basis. Outdoor booths also pay for electrical needs.

Is insurance necessary?

The Missouri State Fair will assume no liability for injury to property or person, or death of any person or persons on or about the premises. Likewise, the Missouri State Fair will not be responsible for any damage to exhibits, merchandise, or concessions caused by theft, wind, hail, fire, water, or any cause whatsoever. Concessionaire agrees to defend at his/her own expense, indemnify and hold harmless the Missouri State Fair from any and all liabilities, penalties, damages, costs, expenses, causes of action and claims of every kind arising from illness, death, bodily injury or property damage to any person whomsoever, occasioned by or growing out of or in any way connected with the occupation or use of the leased premises or activities associated with the display/booth.

Lessee must obtain at his own expense, and submit to the Missouri State Fair, one or more policies of insurance that will afford protection coverage for the duration of the Missouri State Fair (including set-up before and tear-down after the Fair) in accordance with the requirements set forth below:

A. Workers’ compensation insurance: If required by state law, concessionaires shall provide workers’ compensation insurance for employees at the Fair. Workers’ compensation insurance shall comply in all respects with the requirements of Chapter 287, Revised Statutes of Missouri, “The Workers’ Compensation Law.” Concessionaires’ employees shall, under no circumstances, be deemed to be employees of the State of Missouri, the Missouri Department of Agriculture, or the Missouri State Fair.

B. Public liability and property damage insurance: Concessionaires shall obtain public liability and property damage insurance in comprehensive general liability form as shall protect them, the State of Missouri, the Missouri Department of Agriculture, and their elected and appointed officers, commissioners, agents, and employees, from claims for personal injury, including wrongful death, and from claims for property damage, which may arise from the existence, construction, operation, removal, or products of the concession. Comprehensive general liability coverage shall include product liability insurance coverage on all foodstuffs, beverages, and merchandise sold. Bodily injury: each person, $1,000,000; each occurrence, $1,000,000; property damage: each occurrence, $1,000,000; aggregate, $2,000,000.

All exhibitors and concessionaires are required to have minimum general public liability insurance coverage on the Fair operation. The Concessions Department requires a certificate of insurance or a copy of that policy. The Certificate of Insurance must include the statement “MISSOURI STATE FAIR AS ADDITIONAL INSURED.” Failure to place a copy of the insurance certificates on file with the Concessions Department prior to established deadlines will result in cancellation of rental agreement or forfeiture of renewal privileges.

Insurance coverage may be arranged through the Missouri State Fair Concessions Department. (Policy shall be directly purchased from insurance provider by cashier’s check or money order.)

What may I sell, display or offer as a service?

Only those items listed on your contract with the Missouri State Fair. Be sure to include all products or services you wish to sell or display on your application.

When is the Missouri State Fair?

The 2024 Missouri State Fair runs from Thursday, August 8 through Sunday, August 18, 2024.

What hours are buildings and exhibits open?

Vendor/Concessionaire business hours are from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. on Thursday, August 8-Saturday, August 10, and Friday, August 16-Saturday, August 17, 2024. Hours will be 9 a.m.-8 p.m. on Sunday, August 11-Thursday, August 15, 2024. Hours on Sunday, August 18, 2024 will be 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Vendors/Concessionaires must remain open until at least the time indicated above but hours may be extended if you wish to remain open and the traffic warrants. Opening hours may be earlier for food concessionaires serving breakfast.

What is the attendance from previous years at the Missouri State Fair?

2023: 350,000
2022: 340,000
2021: 330,125
2020: No general admission/attendance taken – Pivoted to 4H/FFA Youth Livestock Show
2019: 337,112
2018: 340,957
2017: 368,916
2016: 356,153
2015: 352,888
2014: 361,496
2013: 366,218

How do I apply?

You can apply by viewing the Missouri State Fair Vendor/Concessionaire Application that will be posted by February. You must also submit photos of your proposed booth space. For more information, view Vendor Rules.

How do I submit my application and supporting documentation (photos/information)?

Applications can be submitted by mail, email or fax.
Missouri State Fair
c/o Concessions Department
2503 W. 16th St.
Sedalia, MO 65301
Fax: 660-827-8160