Mission & Vision

Mission Statement

The Missouri State Fair promotes excellence in Missouri agriculture, cultivates and supports future leaders in agriculture, and provides opportunities for the agricultural community to deepen consumers’ understanding and appreciation of agriculture’s role in their daily lives and the economy of our state.

Vision Statement

The Missouri State Fair serves as an agricultural classroom offering Missouri producers and agricultural leaders opportunities to exhibit current practices and new technology and to provide a showcase of high-quality livestock, agricultural products, and industrial displays. The Fair also offers a wide variety of entertainment and fosters pride in the State’s agricultural heritage.

The Missouri State Fair provides a safe environment where knowledgeable producers, teachers, and agricultural leaders can offer encouragement and recognition to Missouri’s youth as they participate in competitions and educational programs.

The Missouri State Fair provides a setting for Missouri’s producers, agricultural leaders, and farm families to engage consumers in order to increase their awareness of our state’s strong agricultural heritage. The Fair fosters a better understanding of the important role of Missouri farm families and the agricultural community in assuring a healthy and prosperous future for all Missouri citizens.

Core Values

The Missouri State Fair believes in:

  • Agriculture as the foundation of the State and the Fair.
  • Agriculture as the cornerstone of a strong Missouri Economy.
  • Excellence in agriculture as a continuing commitment.
  • Fostering pride in our state and its citizens and embracing a sense of community and shared culture.
  • Promoting agricultural education to increase growth in the agricultural community and raise awareness among Missouri’s citizens.
  • Investing in youth and youth-focused agricultural organizations (e.g., 4-H and FFA) in order to cultivate future leaders in agriculture.
  • Maximizing and promoting the ongoing use of the fairgrounds as a center for a variety of agricultural events, cultural and entertainment productions, and trade shows throughout the year.
  • Preserving and honoring the positive character, heritage, and traditions of the Fair.
  • Reflecting to a wider audience the strong family values found throughout the agricultural community.
  • Providing opportunities for family-friendly commerce, competition, and entertainment.
  • Building family memories and traditions for future generations.
  • Facilitating an attitude of fair and respectful competition in the areas of production agriculture, agribusiness, and domestic and fine arts.
  • Acting in a courteous, considerate, and supportive manner as members of the State Fair community and expecting the same ethical and respectful family-friendly behavior in all who work at the Fair, attend the Fair, and provide entertainment at the Fair; and in this way being a positive role model of good citizenship for the people of Missouri and the United States of America.