Since the first Fair in 1901, thousands of Missouri families have made the annual “pilgrimage” to Sedalia. Despite numerous differences, the Fair exhibitors of 1901 & today share an important common element. That common denominator is competition – the desire to put your efforts against your neighbor’s best.

Since the first State Fair, the reward has been ribbons, premium money & recognition. But the long-term effect of this healthy competition has been a steady improvement in Missouri’s agriculture, agribusiness, domestic arts &, today, even fine arts.

From 1901 to today, the Missouri State Fair has been a barometer of the state’s economic health & a documentary of the history of Missouri agriculture. The Missouri State Fair plays an essential role in keeping agriculture one of Missouri’s top industries.


Since its inception, the Missouri State Fair has achieved many interesting & noteworthy milestones.

Missouri State Fair Queen

Get to know the current Missouri State Fair Queen & view past queens.

Missouri State Fair Museum

The Womans Building has been home to the Missouri State Fair Gift Shop & Museum since its debut at the 2003 Fair.

History of Fair Buildings

Established in 1899, the Missouri State Fairgrounds is one of the oldest fairgrounds in the nation & serves as a premier agriculture showcase for the Midwest.