The Missouri State Fair is committed to providing equal access and a pleasant experience to all guests

Accessible Parking
Handicap accessible parking is available through the Centennial Gate (off US Highway 65).

This lot is marked on the Missouri State Fairgrounds Map and reserved for use by individuals displaying valid license plates and/or placards issued to individuals with disabilities.

Parking personnel direct disabled visitors to the closest, most convenient parking spaces.

Buildings, except the 4-H Building, will be closed during the 2020 Missouri State Fair.

All public buildings on the Fairgrounds are accessible via paved streets or sidewalks. Where there are sidewalks or curbs, they have been appropriately designed to allow access via wheelchair, mobility cart, etc.

Elevator Locations
Most State Fair buildings occupy a single level. Where needed, elevators or wheelchair lifts are in place. These facilities are located in the following structures:

  • Coliseum: Chair Lift
  • Missouri State Fair Administrative Offices: Elevator

Restrooms in compliance with ADA standards are located in major buildings and areas throughout the Fairgrounds:

  • Coliseum
  • East Machinery Area
  • Inner Campground
  • Main Gate Handicap Parking Area
  • Mathewson Exhibition Center (concourse and floor level)
  • Poultry Building
  • Sheep Pavilion
  • West Machinery Area

These buildings are indicated on the Missouri State Fairgrounds Map. During the Fair, portable toilets are added to high-use areas, of which ten (10) are handicap accessible.

Accessible Seating
Accessible seating areas are reserved in all structures where needed — Mathewson Exhibition Center and Coliseum.

Service Animals
No pets are allowed on the fairgrounds. Exception: 1) Service animals for persons with disabilities; 2) Police dogs on duty; 3) Trained animals in scheduled performances; 4) Pets entered in scheduled competitions.

Deaf and Hard of Hearing
Missouri State Fair guests who are deaf and/or hard of hearing can visit for information/assistance.

Suggestions for improvements or additional services are always welcomed by the Missouri State Fair Commission, which strives to make the fairgrounds accessible to everyone. Renovations always comply with ADA guidelines and specifications. Contact the Missouri State Fair with accessibility concerns or questions.

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