Helen Russell & Co.

Date and Time

Saturday, August 10 - Sunday, August 11

  • First Performance (Aug 10-11): 1:30 pm
  • Second Performance (Aug 10-11): 4:30 pm
  • Third Performance (Aug 10-11): 7:00 pm

Helen Russell grew up in a musical family and at the age of 5 could be heard belting out songs at public events. Her parents encouraged her to play instruments, starting to learn piano at age 6. Later on at age 15, she picked up the banjo, as she had always loved that particular instrument. Fortunately a great banjo player in her hometown taught her as no one else in her family had ever been a banjo player. She became adept at pickin’ and went on to win many banjo competitions in Kansas, Nebraska and Missouri. As a teenager she toured with a dance band around Kansas as a keyboard player and vocalist, as well as appearing on her own at many of the Opry type Shows in a four state area.

Helen always enjoyed attending Lee Mace’s Ozark Opry, a historic live stage show located in it’s own auditorium in Osage Beach, Missouri. She participated in two of the Opry’s talent shows while still in high school, hoping to secure a job as a regular cast member. A highlight in her life occurred when Lee Mace drove to her home in Topeka, Kansas to talk to her parents about her becoming a member of his show. Her parents agreed that they thought it would be a good opportunity, so at the age of 18, Helen moved to Osage Beach where she entertained folks for a total of 19 seasons on the show. Besides being one of the shows vocalists she also played multiple instruments.

After Lee Mace’s Ozark Opry closed in 2005, Helen and her husband originated their own Show, Helen Russell & Company, which features live music and comedy. It’s a show like no other!! During the Winter months, the show tours in the Rio Grande Valley in Texas and was honored to be named “Best Small Band Variety Show” for the last four years, as well as “Entertainers of the Year” for the last two years by the Valley Star Awards, where hundreds of entertainers are considered for honors!! The remainder of the year they entertain locally in Osage Beach, Missouri, and all around the United States.