Pat Kay One-Man-Band

Pat Kay One-Man-Band

Date and Time

Friday, August 16

  • First Performance: 1:30 pm
  • Second Performance: 4:30 pm
  • Third Performance: 7:00 pm

Missouri native Pat Kay salutes the music traditional to the Ozarks; where Old-Time Fiddle music received a quick flash fry of foot stompin’ Country Blues as it made its way across the Mississippi River. The songs are a collection of stories, ancient in verse, timeless in meaning, and delivered with reverence. This forgotten music, that once filled the barns of our ancestors, was bred to uplift from the tangle of struggles in a bygone era. Whether with a band or without, Kay plays clawhammer banjo & guitar with his hands, bass drum & tambourines with his feet, vocals & harmonica with his face, and enjoys sharing tall tales in between.