Vincent Baker Hayworth

Vincent Baker Hayworth

Date and Time

Thursday, August 15

  • First Performance: 4:00 pm
  • Second Performance: 6:00 pm

Vincent Baker Hayworth came about by four like minded friends that have the same taste in music, and writing unique original music. The band consists of the following members:

  • Rocky Vincent: Lead Vocals, Rhythm/Lead Guitar
  • Brooks Baker: Vocals, Bass Guitar
  • Luke Hayworth: Vocals, Lead/Rhythm Guitar
  • Nate Hayworth: Drums

Rocky and Luke are two former members of the popular touring band Renegade Rail. They are known for hit songs such as, Fat Girls and Weed, Just You and Me, Time Machine, Its Not Us, and many more. Rocky and Luke reunited to keep the music they love alive.

When they started their search for other members, they didn’t have to look very far. Nate Hayworth is the brother of Luke, and they had played together in several bands throughout the years, so it was a perfect fit.

Brooks Baker and Rocky had played together for several years in a popular local band, The Sizzlers.

With their energetic show and their brand of music, they will leave you begging for more.