Adult Contest

Friday, Aug 13 - Saturday, Aug 21, at the Touchstone Stage
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Aug 13-21, 6 pm

Meet at the Touchstone Energy Stage by 6 pm, Aug 13-21, for these family-friendly contests. Winners will get a chance to go into the Money Madness Machine!

Friday, Aug 13
Animal Calling Contest

Saturday, Aug 14
Spouse Calling Contest

Sunday, Aug 15
Corndog Eating Contest, sponsored by Roger Westmoreland Concessions, Inc.

Monday, Aug 16
Corn Hole Contest

Tuesday, Aug 17
Finish the Lyric Contest

Wednesday, Aug 18
Luau Limbo Contest

Thursday, Aug 19
Name that Tune Contest

Friday, Aug 20
Electric Line Dance, chance to win tickets to the Colter Wall concert!

Saturday, Aug 21
Farmer Relay Race