Awards Recognition


IAFE Awards

The Missouri State Fair celebrated many honors at the 2019 International Association of Fairs and Expositions (IAFE) Convention. The Missouri State Fair was recognized for programs in sponsorship, competitive exhibits, agriculture education, and communications. The Missouri State Fair is judged alongside other IAFE members of similar size, ranging in attendance from 250,000 to 500,000.

Hall of Honor Communications Awards, sponsored by K&K Insurance

BEST MARKETING CAMPAIGN –  Fair’s overall marketing campaign, judged on all aspects of campaign including print, radio, television, outdoor, digital, website, souvenirs and more

1st place
Promotional Advertising Outdoor

2nd place
Magazine Ad
Unique Advertising Specialties/Merchandise/Souvenirs

 3rd place
Single Brochure/Flyer

Competitive Exhibit Awards, sponsored by North American Midway Entertainment

1st place
Off Season Non-Animal Event
Fair Activity to Increase Awareness of Competitive Exhibits

2nd place
Single Class of Non-Animal Competitive Exhibits
Participatory Contest

3rd place
Create it on the Spot Contest
New Contest to Attract New Competitive Exhibitors
General Display at your Fair – Photo Series

Agriculture Awards, sponsored by ShoWorks

1st place
Unique Partnership for an Exhibit/Promotion/Special Event/Competition Showcased During the Fair
Innovative Ways Technology is Used to Benefit Agricultural Programs at your Fair

2nd place
Agricultural Exhibit Events, Awards, Participation Incentives or Retention Programs
Agricultural Photo – Rodeo
Agricultural Photo – Ag Education

3rd place
Agricultural Photo – Horticulture/Crops

Innovation in Sponsorship Awards, sponsored by, ETIX

3rd place
Sponsorship Innovation
Sponsorship Continuity